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Trustees beware – distributions of capital gains to non-resident beneficiaries held to be taxable in the Greensill decision
25 May 2020
Trustees of discretionary trusts and many unit trusts that distribute capital gains to non-resident beneficiaries will need to include these capital gains in their assessable income.
SMSF trustees – how far does your good faith duty go? The implications of the Marsella decision are wider than you’d think…
12 May 2020
The recent decision in the Marsella case confirmed the obligation of SMSF trustees to make a death benefit decision in good faith. But does this obligation apply wider than just to death benefits?
JobKeeper schemes – what is the ATO targeting and how to prepare for an audit
07 May 2020
The ATO has released guidance that shows the JobKeeper ‘schemes’ that will be audited. Businesses that are receiving JobKeeper payments should check that their payments are not at risk of being clawed back by the ATO